This Tiger Pissed on Dad

Ok, Ok, I’ve got this hilarious story to tell you about what happened today.  You’re gonna like it, trust me.

I noticed that Mom and Dad were getting ready to go somewhere this morning and I wanted to go with them.  I was thinking….maybe the park, maybe the beach, maybe Polo like last week.  But no, they weren’t taking me with them.

Seems that the neighbors from Scotland are back in town.  Woohoo. They were going to breakfast then out for most of the day to who knows where.

Well, after breakfast they decided to visit the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota. I’ve never been there and after what I learned today, I don’t know if I ever want to go there.

From what I understand you can see Bears, Tigers, Lions and various animals that have been rescued and now live out their lives in peace and comfort.  Did I mention Tigers?

Here’s where it gets funny.  First the neighbors, Mom, and Dad visit the bears.  Then the goats. Then the birds. Then a monkey or two. Then they come to the Tigers.  See the big guy pictured here?

Daddy took this picture and decided to Tweet it to his followers (@sarasotaadvisor).  While fiddling with his iphone and Twitter he wasn’t watching the Tiger. He didn’t see this big Tiger stand up, turn around, hike his rear into the air and SPRAY URINE all over Daddy. Of about six people standing there, Daddy got the full dose of tiger piss.  Yep.  All over his glasses, his face, his arms and his shirt!! ROFL.

That’s what he gets for not taking me with him.  I would’ve warned him.  Maybe.

When Mom and Dad got home.  Nothing was said.  Daddy sat down and leaned over to greet Jake and I.  Phew! What stench! It was revolting.

Then I heard the story.  The story of Tiger Piss. I still can’t stop laughing.