Yesterday was a great day and lots of fun.  Daddy took me to a polo match at the Sarasota Polo Club in Lakewood Ranch, FL. It was my first ever Polo Match.

I never saw a horse before.  Those guys are huge and came thundering by from time to time. I didn’t pay them much attention though.  As usual I was focused on Daddy who was there with some of his Merrill Lynch clients.

Daddy brought one of my fetching toys and we enjoyed several bouts of fetch, my most favorite thing to do.  I also met some nice kids who were tailgating next to us. They gave me some hugs and played with me.  That was fun.

Polo was a lot of fun.  I saw a lot of other dogs of all shapes and sizes there.  Daddy said I was a good girl and he’d be happy to take me again.  Made my tail wag.